Bigre ! & Cynthia Abraham


Bigre ! & Cynthia Abraham

Tchourou Mix Tape

It has been almost fifteen years since trumpeter and composer Félicien Bouchot set up Bigre !, his big band. Particularly apt at breaking down the walls between styles and genres, Bigre ! invents deliciously wandering music through a merry bacchanal of voluptuously blended rhythm and colour. Constantly adding new traditions to a “homemade cocktail” of funk jazz, Cuban rumba and hallucinatory afrobeat, in this new programme, Bigre ! will be offering up some Afro-Caribbean music. The gleaming brass and heady grooves that lend the big band its baroque style will help showcase the clear, rebellious voice of Cynthia Abraham, whose songs are irresistibly sensual, fresh and light.

Line-up :

  • Cynthia Abraham (chant)
  • Pierre Desassis (saxophone)
  • Julien Chignier (saxophone)
  • Thibaut Fontana (saxophone)
  • Romain Cuoq (saxophone)
  • Fred Gardette (saxophone)
  • Vincent Labarre (trompette)
  • Rémi Gaudillat (trompette)
  • Yacha Berdah (trompette)
  • Félicien Bouchot (trompette)
  • Jean Crozat (trombone)
  • Loïc Bachevillier (trombone)
  • Sylvain Thomas (trombone)
  • Sébastien Chetail (trombone)
  • Francis Larue (guitare)
  • Olivier Truchot (clavier)
  • Nicolas Frache (basse)
  • Jonathan Volson (percussions)
  • Jorge Mario Vargas (percussions)
  • Isel Rasua (percussions)
  • Wendlavim Zabsonre (batterie)