Rhoda Scott
Jools Holland

Rhythm & Blues

Rhoda Scott

Ladies & Gentlemen

Over the years, playing alongside women has become increasingly important in my mind and for the general public, I think, too. You just have to see how proud women are to see us on stage! I find it very moving and very important, politically speaking, that gender parity is now a serious concern in society. Through this band, I feel that we have contributed to this essential struggle in our own little way’ was what Rhoda Scott said in an interview for Jazz Magazine in 2021. The ‘Lady Quartet’, featuring Airelle Besson, Sophie Alour and Julie Saury (then Lisa Cat-Berro), is an initiative from Jazz à Vienne and Jean-Pierre Vignola that was born in 2004. Twenty years later, the great organist has lit up the world’s finest stages alongside this ensemble, which has already left its mark on its era. ‘What’s more,’ she went on to say during the same interview, ‘I don’t think there is any fundamental difference between men and women when it comes to making music! Gender has nothing to do with talent or insight.’ What could be more logical then than inviting a handful of gentlemen vocalists — none less than David Linx, Hugh Coltman and Emmanuel Pi Djob — to join her outstanding orchestra?

Line-up :

  • Rhoda Scott (v, org)
  • Hugh Coltman (bkv)
  • David Linx (bkv)
  • Emmanuel Pi Djob (bkv)
  • Lisa Cat-Berro (as)
  • Géraldine Laurent (as)
  • Sophie Alour (ts)
  • Jeanne Michard (ts)
  • Céline Bonacina (bs)
  • Airelle Besson (t)
  • Anne Paceo (dms)
  • Julie Saury (dms)

Jools Holland

and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra featuring Gilson Lavis and guest vocalists Ruby Turner, Louise Marshall & Sumudu Jayatilaka

Over thirty years have passed since this British pianist — with his encyclopaedic knowledge of all things musical — began hosting one of his country’s most popular musical TV shows on the BBC: Later… With Jools Holland. It’s impossible to keep track of all the legends with whom he has played alongside his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra. Just a few names? Sting, Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, Joe Strummer, Chrissie Hynde, Mark Knopfler, Jeff Beck, Brian Ferry, Robert Plant, Marianne Faithfull, George Benson, George Harrison and Jamiroquai. Not bad for someone who first appeared on an album by a band with the dulcet name of Electric Chairs, on a track entitled... Fuck Off! No reason for concern though; since then, Jools Holland has worked with B.B. King, Tom Jones, David Gilmour, Solomon Burke and Joe Bonamassa, and he has released many a memorable album with his orchestra. One of the most successful? Sex & Jazz & Rock & Roll. Clearly, this charismatic, elegant bandleader, with his oh so British humour, sees R&B, but also jazz and soul as an opportunity for generosity and joy. So, before he starts working on an album and a tour with Rod Stewart — whose dream is to reinvent himself as a jazz vocalist — you just have to see a concert led by this modern entertainer, in the noblest sense of the term. Especially as he hasn’t played in France for fifteen years!