Young audience's concert

Every summer, Jazz à Vienne kicks off with a concert for children living in the Vienne region (‘Pôle métropolitain’). Eight thousand primary school children stream into the Théâtre Antique’s tiered seating every year for a moment of sheer excitement and fantastic music. Since the summer of 2021, two separate performances have been organised so that schoolchildren from the wider region (‘Pôle métropolitain’) can attend.

Marion Rampal

Marion Rampal rose to prominence in the early 2000s as a member of Raphaël Imbert's ‘Compagnie Nine Spirit’, but she was also knighted by the great Archie Shepp, who fell in love with her warm, rich, sensual voice that is delicate even at its most expressionistic. Over the years, the vocalist has developed her own personal style, which is as beloved as it is eclectic.  Marion Rampal's music draws as easily on the blues as it does on Louisianian zydeco, the repertoires of 1930s Berlin cabarets, French melodies from the early 20th century and contemporary folk rock. Above all else, she likes going straight to the roots of her favourite genres and getting them to sound in harmony. When Marion Rampal was invited to take up the challenge of creating this year's young audience's concert - Jazz à Vienne's traditional opening event for the area's children, she came up with the idea of making ‘relational poetics’ - the notion so dear to Martiniquais poet Édouard Glissant - her centrepiece. This new programme does just that, masterfully intertwining the repertoire from her latest album, ‘Tissé’, with the plot from her children's concert, ‘The Island of Interwoven Songs’ (‘L’île aux chants mêlés’). Launching upon a kind of imaginary and musical adventure into an ‘en-chanted’ world, in which every genre, tradition and era are interlaced and constantly blended anew, Marion Rampal and her companions offer, fundamentally, a window onto the beauty of the melting pot, which is now, more than ever, at the core of our globalised world.