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Dates de l'édition 2019

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Mazalda, singer Sofiane Saidi and their guests take us on a rocky and fiery dive into fresh 80s raï music. To fire up their compositions coated in analog synths, powerful guitars (bouzouki, saz) and brass (flutes, Julien Lesuisse’s sax, Gilles Poizat’s trumpet, Adrien Spirli’ sousaphone), Mazalda’s sessions are carried by Cheikha Rimitti-style urban rhythms, Senegalese Mbalax and Gnawa trance. Chanting over this global maelstrom is the soulful, raspy voice of Sofiane Saidi, “the Prince of raï 2.0” according to Radio Nova, blowing on the embers. The singer brings a new vision of North African electro blending popular cheek, raï huskiness and very curremt urgency. The Mazalda octet does nothing less using the abundance of electrics available holding onto the old and poetic phrases of the mezouet and gasbah.

Line-up : Sofiane Saidi (voc), Gallal Mohamed Ben Amar (derbouka), Stéphane Cézard (saz, g), Yann Lemeunier (dms, pad electroniques), Julien Lesuisse (sax, voc),  Gilles Poizat (bgl), Adrien Spirli (synthétiseur basse, roland SH-2), Lucas Spirli (clavier oriental, korg MS20)

Photo : © dr

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