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Dates de l'édition 2019

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Morcheeba no longer really exists. The Godfrey brothers (Paul and Ross) and singer Skye Edwards formed the original trio in 1995 and brought out their eighth and final album in 2013 (Head Up High). Now Skye Edwards and Ross Godfrey are proving that Morcheeba is still alive and kicking as a duo. The pair unveiled an album in summer 2016 (the first…or ninth!?) simply entitled Skye-Ross. The official Morcheeba website now automatically redirects you to the Skye-Ross page in the store section. There’s no ambiguity about a change in continuity. After the sensual tempest of a first opus (Who Can You Trust in 1996) that produced a genre, trip folk, came the huge success of Big Calm and its quiet opulence. For over 20 years in the shade of the Dover limelight, Morcheeba/Skye-Ross have frugally produced tamed the trip hop, stylish soul (Skye’s calm vocals) and unfettered blues that run through the DJ’s scratches and Ross’s psychedelic guitars.

Line-up : Skye Edwards (voc), Ross Godfrey (g), SteveGordon (b), Jaega Mckenna-Gordon (dms), Ben Cowen (k)

Photo : © dr

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