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Dates de l'édition 2019

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Forged in the New York subway which they ended up getting banned from, this Brooklyn trio made up of graduates from the New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music have invented what they call “cave music”. These three carbon neutrality and vegan activists are catapulting us with a fiery blend of dubstep, hip hop, minimalist electro and jazz free. As the saxophones soar, James Muschler’s percussion brutally anchors the tempo. This is wild music that makes you want to dance. The two sax/drums package is already unusual but takes a sometimes Dantesque dimension with, aside from the throbbing baritone, the eruption of the bass or tenor clarinet through the sound of a büchel-style horn (the 2m long Swiss Alpine horn!), a bass keyboard mastered by Wenzl McGowen and rusty vocals from Mike Wilbur with a megaphone effect. The group’s third album, Red Sky, came out on June 24th 2016 (Hornblow Records). Abrasive and amazing.

Line-up : Wenzl McGowen (s), Mike Wilbur (s), James Muschler (dms, perc)

Photo : © Kenneth Kearney