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Dates de l'édition 2019

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Jazz à Vienne has kicked the festival off with a show for children from the Vienne area for the last 14 years. Every year sees 6000 primary school students take to the Roman Theatre's stands for an action-packed musical experience. For the one-off concert in 2015, the Amazing Keystone Big Band left its young audience awe-struck with its lively swing take on the famous Carnival of Animals by Camille Saint-Saëns. Now Jazz à Vienne has decided to explore the incredible diversity of music and dance from Africa to revisit this iconic piece of late-19th century French symphonic music. So the storyteller Soro Solo has put a brand new spin on the original tale with a new plot and fresh imaginary horizon for Florent Briqué's composition that is loosely inspired by the melodies and motifs in the Saint-Saëns piece. Using "all colour" arrangements bringing in Congolese rumba, Nigerian afrobeat, Antillean soukous and Benin salsa before venturing into hip hop through Bouba Landrille Tchouda's choreography, this colourful, shape-shifting and multi-disciplinary piece gives western ears the chance to experience traditional African music as well as being a striking way to embody the creolisation of cultures.

/ Children's show co-produced by the Dance Biennial with the support of Vienne Council, Vienne Condrieu Region, the Isère Department for Services and National Education and the Grenoble Arts and Culture Academic Delegation

Line up :  Florent Briqué (musical director and trumpeter), Soro Solo (storyteller), Bouba Landrille Tchouda (choreographer), Blick Bassy (tale writing), Patrick Bebey (p), Colin Laroche de Féline (p), Alexandre Cabit (p), Nathalie Ahadji​ (s), Adélaïde Songeons (tb), Jean Alain Hohy (b), Oumarou Bambara (perc), William Ombe (perc), Zabsonre Wendlavim (perc), Aïda Boudrigua (dance), Noah Timothée Mgbélé dit Ekilibro (dance), Mariana Benenge​ (dance), Bel Abbes Fezazi (dance)

Rates :
/ Regular price : 37 €
/ Train TER + concert : 39,60€
/ Reduced price : 34 €
/ 15-25 years old price : 30 €
/ 4-14 years old price : 4 €
/ Trio Pack : 105 €
/ 7 Night pass : 180€-190 €
/ Full pass : 350 €

Photo credits : © DR, Kgomotso Neto