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Dates de l'édition 2019

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Anomalie is the live project by Nicolas Dupuis, the incredible Montreal-based keyboard player and producer. Nicolas Dupuis is an accomplished musician, stylish writer whose notes, harmonies and work on sound is reminiscent of Jacob Collier and Haywyre, and has taught at the Berklee College of Music in Boston. The young prodigy named himself Anomalie and released the album Métropole Part II (2018), a second project packed with funk, raw soul and  electro jazz inspired by his Quebec kingdom. Alongside four musicians, the Canadian has won over audiences at Summercamp, the Montreal and Toronto Jazz Festivals and opened for Kamasi Washington. His videos have had millions of views on social networks and earned praise from Tom Misch, Thundercat and Electro Deluxe.

Line-up : Nicolas Dupuis (k), Alexis Elina (Backing k), Anthony Pageot (dms), Gabriel Lamarre (b)


Regular price: 37 €
TER  Train + concert : 39,40 €
Reduced price: 34 €
15-25 years old price: 30 €
4-14 years old price : 4 €

Crédit photo : © DR