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Vocalist Lyn M and producer Alain Fey are Elvett — a high-dose of elegance. Both sculpt an uplifting musical world around the talent of a singer whose voice will envelop, shake and move you. Her voice takes you by the hand, lifts you up high only to plunge you back down into the deepest of depths. She will tell you a story only you can understand. Alain Fey traces contours, draws images, crafts with his hands: sounds, colours, textures... And contrasts too: crisp electro fuses with the warmth of woods and percussions, like the sharp air of the Jura Mountain peaks rushing into a stifling hot theatre. In their latest project, the Geneva-based duo's formation comprises a grand piano, analogue synthesizers and female vocalists to better create an experience that tantalises and transcends.

Line-up :

  • Lyn M (vocals)
  • Alain Frey (production, drums)
  • Chloé Baumgartner (backing vocals)
  • Capucine Mugnier (backing vocals)
  • Soraya Berent (backing vocals, piano)
  • Gaspard Sommer (backing vocals, sinthetisers)