Sintia Piccin / Clélya Abraham / Ana Karina Sebastião / Ananda Brandao 4tet


Sintia Piccin / Clelya Abraham / Ana Karina Sebastião / Ananda Brandao


This original performance, created especially by Jazz à Vienne in partnership with the Institut Français, the Consulat Général de France in São Paulo, Sesc São Paulo, Sesc Jazz and Scubidu Music, brings together two of the most innovative and productive contemporary scenes, which are represented here by four young and soaring musicians: on the one hand pianist and singer Clélya Abraham and drummer Ananda Brandão, rising stars in French jazz and fine connoisseurs of Caribbean music; on the other, saxophonist Sintia Piccin and bassist and singer Ana Karina Sebastião, icons from the inexhaustible pool of talent behind musica popular brasileira.