Sarah Lenka


Sarah Lenka

Artiste generation SPEDIDAM

Sarah Lenka’s new EP is devoted to the songs of African American slave women and thus the continuation of her work in honour of women, which began with Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith. She lends her husky, unsettling timbre to this little-known musical heritage.  The singer magnifies the intensity of these spirituals by borrowing from folk, pop and the blues and playing with shades of sobriety. The repertoire takes on its full meaning on stage: an intimate and collective song, festive and introspective, strength, emotion, joy and rhythm! This is a return to the roots, to fundamentals.

Line-up :

  • Sarah Lenka (voix)
  • Taofik Farah (guitare)
  • Macha Gharibian (piano)
  • Maurizio (contrebasse)
  • Yoann Serra (batterie)