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« Imagens »

Cynthia Abraham / Chloé Cailleton / Adriano Tenorio DD / Leonardo Montana

Whereas some see Brazilian music as a repertoire of songs and melodies suitable merely for a few covers, innovation and artistic creation are at the heart of the Imagens quartet’s approach, which involves submitting each piece to their contrasting yet complementary artistic sensibilities. Bound together by their intimate knowledge of Brazilian and Caribbean music and a rare depth of shared feeling, French singers Cynthia Abraham and Chloé Cailleton, pianist Leonardo Montana and percussionist Adriano Tenorio, both Brazilians, draw inspiration from this music for a repertoire spanning traditional tunes, original compositions, dance rhythms and poems, without compromising their freedom to improvise.

Line-up :

  • Cynthia Abraham (voix)
  • Chloé Cailleton (voix)
  • Léonardo Montana (piano)
  • Adriano Tenorio (percussions)