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  • Weapon, explosive, inflammable and volatile substances, sharp and blunt items, pyrotechnic devices and any item which may cause danger or be used as a projectile (as considered by security agents)

  • Glass bottles, cans, ice blocks, metal flasks, spray bottles, thermos, cool boxes (and any opaque container)

  • Motorcycle helmets, buggies, baby carriages, seats with unprotected rigid framework

  • Cameras (professional gear), video equipment and audio recorders

  • Computers and digital tablets

  • Music instruments

  • Animals

  • Signs and banners of any size with political, ideological, religious or advertising content.

This list is not comprehensive.


  • We reserve the right to refuse site access to any intoxicated individual or person whose behaviour may hinder the smooth running of concerts and live performances or threaten the security of spectators, staff and artists.

  • Security agents shall proceed to security checks (bag inspections and body searches) at the entrance of the festival venues. We invite you to come to the festival without unnecessary items and to present your bags to control points.

  • We reserve the right to refuse access to anyone displaying inappropriate behaviour, refusing to part with a prohibited item or to go through the security checks.

  • Luggage storage is available for free. Please note that the luggage locker is not a cloakroom. You may only leave items which are not allowed inside the Roman Theatre.

  • The streets in the vicinity of the Roman Theatre will be closed to traffic as of 5 p.m. and until 20 minutes after the end of the performances.


Following the publication of the August 7 2017 decree in the official journal, Jazz à Vienne commits to respecting:

  • A sound level at 102 dB(A) over 15 minutes

  • A bass frequencies level at 118 dB(C) over 15 minutes

  • Specific limitations for young audience performances (under 6 years old included): 94 dB(A) and 104 dB(C)

In parallel to the current regulation, Jazz à Vienne:

  • Pursues its awareness-raising work on sound levels

  • Provides free ear protectors available for the audience