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The Jazz à Vienne festival wants to welcome everyone and provide the comfort everybody needs, namely disabled people.


The booking form (please complete online on enables the team to plan disabled visitors' arrival and welcome.


If you have any questions or want to plan the arrival of disabled people, please contact the disabled service team for appropriate support: The team is available throughout the festival and at different venues.


Alternative formats are available to download on large font, easy to read and understand, subtitled videos etc. Disability welcome maps are available at each site.

Accommodation and Food & Drink

Please contact Vienne Tourist Information on (00 33) (0)4 74 53 70 10 for questions about disabled-friendly accommodation and restaurants.


Specific disabled signage makes it easy to identify dedicated entries and facilities.

Roman Theatre

It's not easy to get into the Roman Theatre: sloping streets, narrow pavements... There are several options to make it easier for disabled visitors to get here:

Shuttle bus

L'Va shuttle buses have disabled features: low floor, retractable platform and wheelchair-only spaces. Rue Victor Hugo drop-off near the Roman Theatre (option of using a lift from Rue Victor Hugo to Rue des Célestes or at Passage Saint-Antoine to reach the Cybèle).

By car

Drop-off near the Roman Theatre There are two disabled drop-off areas as it's often hard to park near the Roman Theatre:

– Montée Saint Marcel, downhill, opposite the n°6

– Crossroads between Rue Victor Hugo and Rue des Ursulines.

The disabled service team are based at these two points and are wearing easy-to-spot uniforms.

Parking only for cars with a blue badge.

There are spaces at Saint-Marcel car park near the Roman Theatre (P0 and P5, limited number) for blue badge holders and upon presentation of proof.


The Cybèle stages can be accessed from Square Vassy. The platform has full disabled access with excellent visibility.

Club de Minuit/Jazz Mix

The Roman Theatre can be accessed from Passage Saint-Antoine. The stalls alone are accessible, there is no lift to reach the balconies. Please note that the Club de Minuit/JazzMix cannot be accessed straight from the Cybèle platform. You have to go around on Rue de la Charité.


Please note that the Roman Theatre has a very uneven floor which can make movement tricky. The disabled service team is available to help you get around.

Disabled facilities

Full information for disabled visitors is available at the festival Information Points, Roman Theatre and Cybèle. A special rate is available to carers upon presentation of a disability card stating "carer required" or medical certificate.

Roman Theatre platform

The platform is in the Roman Theatre's proscenium. It has great visibility. A team provides hospitality and placement. It accommodates 23 people who don't have to be separated from their carers ever again (subject to availability: guaranteed entry for people who have completed the disabled form in advance). Spaces on the first tier at the Roman Theatre are also reserved.

Disabled Form

Hearing loop

The festival's official stages have a hearing loop for deaf people.

Restaurants and bars

All the restaurant and bar areas have low counters suitable for disabled people and priority lanes. The reception team is available to help disabled people get around the site as traffic can be tricky depending on visitor numbers.

Disabled toilets

Disabled toilets for wheelchair users are available:

– at Cybèle, on the platform.

– at the Roman Theatre.

Guide dogs

Guide dogs are allowed Please contact the disabled service team beforehand.


Fridge available to keep medication at the right temperature. Please contact the disabled service team beforehand.


Jazz à Vienne has signed the H+ Charter

The festival has signed the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Council's H+ Charter to improve its service. The idea is to improve disabled access with a disability awareness, acceptance and inclusion service. The festival strives to develop its service every year and takes part in the work group all year alongside other partner festivals.


For 2019, ENEDIS & Jazz à Vienne have decided to strengthen their partnership with a social policy bringing in staff from the Nord-Isère company to join the festival's volunteer teams. For the second year running, a team of ENEDIS volunteers will join the disabled service department to support disabled visitors. This year the collaboration will be extended to all the festival's venues.


The aim of the AMAAC – Access’Festival association is to make it easier for people with specific requirements to attend public and private events. AMAAC – Access’Festival provides its expertise to Jazz à Vienne to make progress in the reception and inclusion of disabled people.


The CCAS (Communal Centre of Social Action) works with Jazz à Vienne to improve disabled services at the festival. The CCAS will re-issue a questionnaire in 2019 to survey the expectations of disabled visitors to Jazz à Vienne. It will also provide its expertise in the form of a training course for the disabled service team.


Messidor has spent 40 years finding employment for people with mental issues by giving them a transition period with real paid work. People can choose between the service trade dealing with customers in vocational rehabilitation centres (ESAT or EA) or working in companies with job coaching. Jazz à Vienne has been working with Messidor for the last three years before and during the festival (site maintenance, meal trays etc.).

Malakoff Médéric Humanis, Disabled access sponsor for the Jazz à Vienne Festival in 2019

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