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Following the cancellation of the 2020 Jazz à Vienne festival, we wanted to warmly thank the festival-goers, artists, institutional and private stakeholders, media partners and volunteers for their messages of support. Jazz à Vienne remains active and does everything to pick itself up in this one-off situation. We are very happy to officially announce our 40th edition, taking place from June 23 to July 10, 2021!

Many festival-goers expressed their will to support us and didn’t ask for a reimbursement – we are very moved by this gesture and we think the best way to support the festival through those hard times is to think 2021 and maintain the 40-year relationship of trust between the audience and the artists. That’s why the All-Pass, the 7-night Pass and individual tickets for the concerts that have been rescheduled are available for sale! As promised, the tickets and passes that were not reimbursed remain valid for next summer, and Jazz Tickets (Christmas gift vouchers) will be soon redeemable for tickets.
Among the concerts we already announced, we confirm the rescheduling of:
- Jamie Cullum’s concert, which will open the 40th edition on June 23, 2021 in the Roman Theatre
- The live-drawing performance with Juanjo Guarnido & Hugh Coltman on July 3, 2021 at the salle du Manège

Ticketing online


Full Pass - 350€ - limited availability*

The whole festival every day from 23th to July 10th 2021
/ Entry to all the Jazz à Vienne events (June 23th-July 10th 2021)
/ Entry to sold-out concerts
/ Special entrance that opens before public entry
/ Individual pass (1 person/evening) but not named: you can lend it to your friends or family Some nights
/ Entry via the artist's entrance at the Roman Theatre
/ Entry to the festival's pro bar
/ Behind the scenes tour of the Roman Theatre
/ Sit in the Partners' area at the Roman Theatre (first terraces – seat reserved until 8.30pm)
/ Bring friends or family with free tickets to certain concerts (2)

Ticket office
/ Watch the illustrated concert: Hugh Coltman & Juanjo Guarnido, on July 3rd, Salle du Manège
/ Watch the young audience concert
/ Get discounts for loved ones at certain festival events (2)
/ Get discounted rates for concerts in the Jazz à Vienne season (2)
/ And so much more!

(1) Promotions TBC
(2) Subject to availability
* exc. potential agency fees


7 night Pass - 190€*

The best of the festival to suit you Advantages
/ No need to book
/ Create your own schedule at the last minute and pick your concerts, even sold-out ones
/ Share your Pass: Individual pass but not named (one person per night) so your loved ones can attend events when you don't
/ Special entrance to the Roman Theatre
/ Get discounts on your 8th, 9th etc. concert with 14 € off the normal price (tickets exclusively available at the ticket counter on concert evenings when you show your 2021 7 Night Pass)
/ Get discounted rates for concerts in the Jazz à Vienne season
/ And so much more...


Panini Album Collection

Relive Jazz à Vienne's past with the Panini "Jazz à Vienne" sticker album! Collect stickers of stars who've hit the Roman Theatre's stage, legendary concerts from the last forty years, artists who flourished with the event and form the "Jazz à Vienne All Stars", a dream team of the biggest musicians to grace the festival.

Prices & where to buy: (sleeve with 4 packs of 5 stickers + 1 album: 8€), Tourism stand and partner newsagents (pack of 5 stickers: 1€, album: 4€)