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The new Jazz à Vienne mobile application will be your guide and will offer you an enriching experience as a festival-goer all along the festival / event.

It gives you access to the complete program, it also enables you to buy tickets online, to download smart interactive maps, to access the cashless space and to get all the important details you might need. It also gives you the possibility to listen to the official playlist and to challenge yourself and your friends with the blind test.

Discover the detailed program day by day

Discover the 39th edition artists and listen to the Deezer playlist “Jazz à Vienne 2019”

Book your tickets directly through our app

Go to your cashless space to get a cashless card or a cashless pass and make your purchases easier / and buy refreshments more easily.

Register on our social networks to follow closely the festival news.

Challenge yourself and your friends with the blind test Jazz à Vienne 2019.

Find your way around the festival thanks to the interactive maps of the different places of interest.