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November 20, 2018

As part of its partnership initiated in 2017, Jazz à Vienne has teamed up with the Angoulême International Comics Festival and calls upon a cartoonist every year to create an illustration for the Jazz à Vienne Festival visual communication campaign.

After Brüno who imagined the poster for the 38th edition, it is now the turn of the illustrator and cartoonist Jacques de Loustal to be entrusted with creating the visual for the 2019 edition. Loustal has met the 2019 poster challenge and proposes a vibrantly-coloured visual embracing exotic ambiences and a dreamlike atmosphere. The drawing presents a woman with her eyes closed, connected with the musicians and whisked off by their music through a one-of-a-kind, soothing atmosphere, conjuring up a timeless journey. Loustal’s artistic signature is recognizable at a glance as are the features frequently found in his drawings: islands, palm trees, water bodies, the woman as well as bird-spectators… Jacques de Loustal, who came along to spend an evening at Jazz à Vienne last summer, remembers the light and the particular atmosphere as dusk fell over the stage of the Roman Theatre: “A concert at Jazz à Vienne means admiring the sun setting over the stage and this horizon which flows, the Rhône […] We’re in a palette of twilight hues before darkness sets in. And, it’s this instant, the twilight, that’s ever-so unique at the festival. This instant where everything begins. This instant where the major night concerts begin”. The jazz presented over the fortnight is open and mixed. The music played out on the illustration reflects this: “A varied, multi-faceted jazz”, according to Jacques de Loustal.

The cartoonist

Jacques de Loustal, known as Loustal, was born in 1956. At the end of the 70s, when he was an architecture ¬student, Loustal began publishing ¬illustrations in Rock & Folk where he met ¬Philippe Paringaux. Together they would ¬create a dozen comic strip albums including Barney and the Blue Note, Hearts of Sand, Kid Congo, Le Sang des voyous... He has also worked with other writers such as Jérôme Charyn (Les Frères Adamov), ¬Jean-Luc Coatalem (Jolie Mer de Chine and Rien de neuf à Fort Bongo), Dennis Lehane (Coronado) and Tonino Benacquista (Les Amours insolentes...). He recently signed Pigalle 62.27 and Black Dog with Jean-Claude Götting. Alongside his activities as comic strip author, he works as illustrator for publications in particular for George Simenon’s works, the press (The New Yorker), advertising, and publishes children’s books. A passionate traveller, his sketchbooks have been published by Seuil and La Table Ronde. Esprits d'ailleurs, the latest to date, groups together six years of travel, from Japan to the American Far West, Polynesia, South Africa… Loustal draws his inspiration from painting and the cinema which nourish his unique scenescape. An expert in all disciplines – watercolour, sketching, oil painting, charcoal…, this unrivalled colourist occasionally also uses digital tools for adding colour to his drawings. He has created a myriad of posters including posters for Paris Plage and the Pori Jazz Festival. A prolific artist, Loustal has published over 80 books to date.