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In the tradition of Caravan’Jazz, a concert is scheduled with the towns in the Vienne-Condrieu municipal area. On the way, the Caravan’Jazz will be stopping off in different towns to promote encounters between amateurs and professionals, while taking the spirit of the festival with it. Each evening is unique with a programme giving audiences the chance to hear new talents.



At the age of just 25, he is definitely the rising artist of the moment! A young prodigy, a songwriter and guitarist who plays with astonishing maturity and a heart-rending voice, Alexis Evans has unveiled his exceptional personality little by little. He was 12 when he first came across the blues at local venues in his native city of Bordeaux. The singer and guitarist takes his influences from the music of Eddie Bo, Earl King, Syl Johnson and Danny White. “His guitar is wonderfully simple with an evocative power, his singing is filled with ambition! The rhythm section is inventive and also provides fine backing vocals.” (Soulbag). In 2011, the Alexis Evans Trio was born with the bassist Olivier Perez and drummer Éric Boréave. Together, the three artists move through a world blending blues, rhythm'n'blues, soul and rock'n'roll.