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November 1st - Gregory Porter

In co production with Auditorium of Lyon
Auditorium de Lyon


The King of Jazz will be on the stage of the Auditorium, two years after his triumph at Jazz à Vienne.

Gregory Porter was unknown only just a decade ago and he is now one of the greatest voices of today’s jazz. Spotted by Wynton Marsalis, signed on the prestigious label Blue Note, winner of several Grammy Awards, the singer with a deep, velvety voice has made a remarkable ascent since his first steps and the success of the song 1960 What ? On stage, he embodies the heritage of jazz and soul vocal like no one else, with the charisma of an entertainer who is well accustomed to the boards of Broadway. In 2020, he released a new album, All Rise, crafted to have the audiences clap their hands and give a standing ovation all around the world. During the summer 2018, he shared the stage of the Roman Theatre with the Orchestre national de Lyon for a tribute to Nat King Cole that made quite a lasting, vivid impression. This time, Gregory Porter will have the stage for himself and will treat us to a long-awaited concert.

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 34 to 48 €

© Eric Umphery

November 17th - Chucho Valdés

La creación
Auditorium de Lyon


The legendary Cuban pianist will celebrate his 80th birthday with a creación in tribute to Olodumare, the Supreme Creator in the Yoruba pantheon.

Chucho Valdés embodies the power and diversity of the musical fusion of Cuban and African traditions. For this exceptional concert, he will present two facets of his piano playing: starting with a solo performance, he will then introduce his new composition, La creación (Olodumare). La creación is an Afro-Cuban oratorio in tribute to Olodumare (the Supreme Creator, one of the three manifestations of de Supreme Being for the Yorubas) telling the arrival of the Yoruba culture in the Caribbean.  Founder of the Cuban music group Irakere in 1973, son of the musician Bebo Valdés, Chucho Valdés tirelessly combines his Cuban roots with more contemporary means of expression. After more than fifty years of a career rich with collaborations and international rewards (8 Grammy Awards), the Cuban artist is considered as one of the greatest jazz pianists, alongside Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.

Part 1 : solo piano performance
Part 2: La creación (Olodumare)

Line-up : Chucho Valdés (p,compos), Hilario Durán et John Beasley (k, arr), Yunior Terry (b), Miguel Valdés (perc), Erick Barberia (batás, v), Roman Diaz et Diosvany Valladares (batás), distribution vocale (tba), special guest Dafnis Prieto (dms)

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 13 to 59 €

© OCP Photography

Illustrated concert : Hugh Coltman & Juanjo Guarnido

Illustrated concert : Hugh Coltman & Juanjo Guarnido
Salle du Manège


Alongside producing the Jazz à Vienne visuals, the Angoulême International Comics Festival and Jazz à Vienne pull their knowledge to host an illustrated concert blending music and comic strips that you can see in February in Angoulême and again in Vienne in July. A live get-together between a cartoonist and a musician to breathe life into a hybrid work.
Previously programmed in 2020, the illustrated concert will be reschedulded in 2021 with the poster designer Juanjo Garnido together with the singer and musician Hugh Coltman.


Hugh Coltman has always been true to himself without ever doing what you expect him to. The Brit based in France used to front the blues-rock band The Hoax before turning into a folk-pop songwriter then a forty-something exploring the best of jazz. Here's another side to the artist who has decided to bypass borders, formats and habits. After a maiden voyage in jazz with his tribute to Nat King Cole (Shadows), no fewer than 120 concerts in two years and a Victoire du Jazz (Best Vocalist 2017), Hugh Coltman went to record his new album in New Orleans with a local brass band. He brought Freddy Koella and Raphaël Chassin home with him and wrote twelve tracks that remind us that Hugh Coltman is an incredibly talented songwriter. Who's Happy? came out in March 2nd 2018 (Sony/Okeh) and the most French singer from Britain may well write another chapter in his success story.


The Spanish comic designer, illustrator and animator Juanjo Guarnido is best-known for his Blacksad (Dargaud) series with text by Juan Díaz Canales. The comic has won multiple awards in Europe and America including the 2014 National Comic Prize, a leading award from the Spanish Ministry for Culture. He also illustrates the Sorcelleries children's series, with text by Teresa Valero, and does a lot of illustrations and collaborations in French-Belgian comics. He spent some of his career in animation and worked in the Walt Disney studios in Montreuil where he spent ten years as a layout designer and character animator for The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Hercules, Tarzan and Atlantis. Another side to his career is that he recently directed and animated the Freak of the Week music video for the Swedish rock band Freak Kitchen. In 2019 he published the Les Indes fourbes album with Delcourt with text by Alain Ayroles. It's an ambitious and vast picaresque tale featuring the character of El Buscón created by the Spanish Golden Age author Francisco de Quevedo.

Line-up : Hugh Coltman (v), Frédéric Couderc (cl,baryton), Jérôme Etcheberry (tp), Jerry Edwards (tb), Didier Havet (soubassophone), Freddy Koella (g), Gael Rakotondrabe (p), Raphaël Chassin (dms).

/ Concert co-produced with Angoulême International Comics Festival
/ Vienne: November 23th 2021 at 8.30pm at the Manège. 

March 19th - Fatoumata Diawara

In co production with Auditorium of Lyon
Auditorium de Lyon


Fatoumata Diawara is one of Africa’s major voices of today.

The Malian singer glorifies the musical traditions of her country while rooting it in the present. Fatoumata Diawara has become the spokesperson of the always-changing African continent, fighting against excision and condemning religious extremism. She has also voiced her convictions through the cinema, her first love, in the movies of Abderrahmane Sissako – she plays Fatou, the singer, in the gorgeous Timbuktu. Diawara is also a singer, composer and guitarist and now a key voice of today’s African music - she has been invited by many artists such as Herbie Hancock, Gorillaz, and M who featured her in his band Lamomali. Fatoumata Diawara adorns the rhythms and melodies of the Wassoulou tradition with jazz and funk notes, with unprecedented talent and charisma.

Line-up : Fatoumata Diawara (v, g)

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 8 to 39 €

© Aida Muluneh