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October 22 - Baptiste Herbin / Juan Carmona Quintet

in partnership with the Festival Jazz en Tête
Maison de la Culture, Salle Jean Cocteau - Clermont-Ferrand


Baptiste Herbin  « Vista Chinesa »

In 2019, saxophonist Baptiste Herbin won the Django Reinhardt award granted by the French “Académie du Jazz”. After his nomination in the French Jazz awards ceremony “Les Victoires du Jazz” in 2013, Baptiste Herbin played all around the world with artists such as Charles Aznavour, Roy Hargrove, Dédé Cécarelli, Aldo Romano and Donald Brown. In less than 10 years, he appeared on more than fifty albums, four of which were released under his own name. This year, he will be performing with his Brazilian project “Vista Chinesa”, tapping into the repertoire of his album released in 2020.

Line-up : Baptiste Herbin (as, ts), Diana Horta Popoff (voc), Leo Montana (p), Mathias Allamane (cb), Emile Saubole (dms)

Juan Carmona Quintet

Juan Carmona definitely stands out in modern flamenco. Born in Lyon to a gypsy family from Andalusia, very much devoted to the region of Aubagne in Southern France where he runs his own festival “Les Nuits Flamencas”, Juan Carmona has won plenty of prizes and honors for his many skills as a guitarist. Praised for his wide range of sounds, clear instrumental feel and unique sense for improvisation, with harmonies delving into jazz and flamenco, Juan Carmona is one of the most acclaimed guitarists of the past thirty years.

Line-up : Juan Carmona (g), Pol Vaquero (danse), Domingo Patricio (f, k), El Bachi (b), Isidro Suarez (perc)

In partnership with the Festival Jazz en Tête

Full price 34€ / Reduce 29€ / Students 10€

© Anne Bied,  Dario Caruso

November 2 - Tribute to Michel Petrucciani

Auditorium de Lyon


Big names in jazz will pay tribute to the talented pianist and one the few figures of French jazz who made it to the international scene. Michel Petrucciani won the Django Reinhardt prize in 1981 and left an indelible mark in the heart of his wide audience, which developed way beyond the narrow circles of well-versed ears. With his charisma, his exceptional technique fully dedicated to music and his ever-generous lyrical tone, Petrucciani reinstated emotion at the heart of jazz music. For this one-off creative concert, many musicians including big names of today’s jazz will share the stage and breathe new life into the compositions of the late pianist and composer.

Line-up : Géraldine Laurent (as), Flavio Boltro (t), Lucienne Renaudin-Vary (t), Tony Petrucciani (g), Jacky Terrasson (p, Fender Rhodes), Laurent Coulondre (p, Fender Rhodes), Franck Avitabile (p, Fender Rhodes), Géraud Portal (cb), André Ceccarelli (dms), Aldo Romano (dms, narration)

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 8 to 49 €

© Christian Ducasse

November 5 - Sarah Lenka

Sarah Lenka Trio feat. Naïssam Jalal - CANCELLED
Théâtre François Ponsard, Vienne


For this concert, Sarah Lenka will perform the songs from her album Women’s Legacy, with special guest Naïssam Jalal, French-Syrian flutist who received a prize at the French jazz awards ceremony “Les Victoires du Jazz” in 2019. They will take to the stage of the Théâtre François Ponsard for a very acoustic, raw and intimist show in quartet.

On her album, Sarah Lenka interprets the songs of Black-American slave women and carries on with her musical path dedicated to women, after a tribute to Billie Holiday and Bessie Smith. Lenka’s rasping, signature voice delves into this little-known musical heritage and delivers it with much simplicity, halfway between folk, pop and blues. Needless to say she knows how to render the intensity of those spirituals.

Named Best vocal female artist in 2007 by the French musical NGO SACEM

Line-up : Sarah Lenka (voc), Naïssam Jalal (f, voc), Taofik Farah (g), Yoann Serra (dms)
In coproduction with the Théâtre de Vienne

Price: 20€

© Hugues Anhes, Alexandre Lacombe

January 29 - Fatoumata Diawara

Auditorium de Lyon


Fatoumata Diawara is one of Africa’s major voices of today.

The Malian singer glorifies the musical traditions of her country while rooting it in the present. Fatoumata Diawara has become the spokesperson of the always-changing African continent, fighting against excision and condemning religious extremism. She has also voiced her convictions through the cinema, her first love, in the movies of Abderrahmane Sissako – she plays Fatou, the singer, in the gorgeous Timbuktu. Diawara is also a singer, composer and guitarist and now a key voice of today’s African music - she has been invited by many artists such as Herbie Hancock, Gorillaz, and M who featured her in his band Lamomali. Fatoumata Diawara adorns the rhythms and melodies of the Wassoulou tradition with jazz and funk notes, with unprecedented talent and charisma.

Line-up : Fatoumata Diawara (v, g), Sékou Bah (b), Yacouba Kone (g), Arecio Smith (k), Jean Baptiste Gbadoe (dms)

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 8 to 39 €

© Aida Muluneh

March 8 - Chucho Valdés - Cancelled

La creación
Auditorium de Lyon


The legendary Cuban pianist will celebrate his 80th birthday with a creación in tribute to Olodumare, the Supreme Creator in the Yoruba pantheon.

Chucho Valdés embodies the power and diversity of the musical fusion of Cuban and African traditions. For this exceptional concert, he will present two facets of his piano playing: starting with a solo performance, he will then introduce his new composition, La creación (Olodumare). La creación is an Afro-Cuban oratorio in tribute to Olodumare (the Supreme Creator, one of the three manifestations of de Supreme Being for the Yorubas) telling the arrival of the Yoruba culture in the Caribbean.  Founder of the Cuban music group Irakere in 1973, son of the musician Bebo Valdés, Chucho Valdés tirelessly combines his Cuban roots with more contemporary means of expression. After more than fifty years of a career rich with collaborations and international rewards (8 Grammy Awards), the Cuban artist is considered as one of the greatest jazz pianists, alongside Bill Evans, Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hancock and Chick Corea.

Part 1 : solo piano performance
Part 2: La creación (Olodumare)

Line-up : Chucho Valdés (p,compos), Hilario Durán et John Beasley (k, arr), Yunior Terry (b), Miguel Valdés (perc), Erick Barberia (batás, v), Roman Diaz et Diosvany Valladares (batás), distribution vocale (tba), special guest Dafnis Prieto (dms)

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 13 to 59 €

© OCP Photography

April 30 - International Jazz Day

24 hours to celebrate jazz in all its riches
Territoire métropolitain


The Jazz Day is 24 hours of jazz everywhere in the urban area going from Lyon to Vienne, Saint-Étienne to Villefranche-sur-Saône, and Bourgoin-Jallieu to Saint-Exupéry Airport. This year again, concerts, jam sessions and screenings will be on the programme.

In 2011, the legendary Herbie Hancock and the Unesco created the International Jazz Day. This special day is intended to raise awareness of the virtues of jazz and has been celebrated all around France and in the biggest cities of the world since then. Every 30th of April, jazz enthusiasts meet and celebrate the values of sharing and mixing cultures, two key pillars in the identity of jazz.

Jazz à Vienne festival coordinates this event in the region, with the support of the metropolitan hub, the “Pôle Métropolitain”. More than 270 artists will take part in this special day of celebration, with events at the junction of artistic and cultural disciplines. As much as 70 places ranging from bars, museums, music venues and cinemas will host local music bands. On April 30, the cities will vibrate to the sound of jazz from dawn to dusk.

In partnership with Unesco and Pôle Métropolitain

Free entrance

© Renaud Alouche

May 8 - Alice au pays des merveilles

The Amazing Keystone Big Band
Auditorium de Lyon


But, said Alice, if the world has absolutely no sense, who’s stopping us from inventing it?

After the great success of their adaptations of Pierre et le Loup… et le jazz ! and Le Carnaval jazz des animaux, the 17 musicians of the Amazing Keystone Big Band carry on with their mission to help young audiences and adults discover jazz in all its riches. Laureate of the French jazz awards ceremony “Les Victoires du jazz” in 2018 in the “Band of the year” section, the big band comes back with a new vibrant creation based on Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol.  Each character of the piece represents a different jazz style, thus allowing an easier and playful approach to jazz. Bastien Ballaz, Jon Boutellier, Fred Nardin and David Enhco composed the music and Sandra Nelson adapted the original script into a musical tale that proves powerful, funny and radiant.

Programme : Lewis Carroll, Alice aux pays des merveilles (adaptation by Sandra Nelson)

Line-up : The Amazing Keystone Jazz Big Band
Bastien Ballaz, Jon Boutellier, Fred Nardin and David Enhco, composition and artistique direction

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 8 to 16 € - at 15h & 18h

© Maxime de Bollivier

June 14 - Gregory Porter

Auditorium de Lyon


The King of Jazz will be on the stage of the Auditorium, two years after his triumph at Jazz à Vienne.

Gregory Porter was unknown only just a decade ago and he is now one of the greatest voices of today’s jazz. Spotted by Wynton Marsalis, signed on the prestigious label Blue Note, winner of several Grammy Awards, the singer with a deep, velvety voice has made a remarkable ascent since his first steps and the success of the song 1960 What ? On stage, he embodies the heritage of jazz and soul vocal like no one else, with the charisma of an entertainer who is well accustomed to the boards of Broadway. In 2020, he released a new album, All Rise, crafted to have the audiences clap their hands and give a standing ovation all around the world. During the summer 2018, he shared the stage of the Roman Theatre with the Orchestre national de Lyon for a tribute to Nat King Cole that made quite a lasting, vivid impression. This time, Gregory Porter will have the stage for himself and will treat us to a long-awaited concert.

In coproduction with Auditorium - Orchestre national de Lyon

Prices from 34 to 48 €

© Eric Umphery