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Livestream concert - 29th of June from 8.30pm to 9.45pm- 12 €

Michel Petrucciani, who won the Musician of the Year prize by the Académie du jazz in 1981, left an indelible mark in the heart of his wide audience, which developed way beyond the narrow circles of well-versed ears. With his charisma, his exceptional technique fully dedicated to music and his ever-generous lyrical tone, Petrucciani reinstated emotion at the heart of jazz music. Big names in jazz will pay tribute to the talented pianist and rare figure of French jazz who made it to the international scene. For this one-off creative concert, they will share the stage and breathe new life into the compositions of the late pianist and composer, including Looking Up, September Second and Rachid. Géraldine Laurent, Laurent Coulondre (who both won the Victoire du jazz prize in 2020), Andrea Motis, Flavio Boltro, Franck Avitabile, Jacky Terrasson, Géraud Portal and André Ceccarelli will take to the stage of the Roman Theatre, and will be joined by Tony Petrucciani (Michel Petrucciani’s father) and Aldo Romano (who “discovered” his talent), who will tell the extraordinary fate of the remarkable artist, in words and notes.

Line-up : Géraldine Laurent (as), Flavio Boltro (t), Andrea Motis (t), Tony Petrucciani (g), Jacky Terrasson (p, Fender Rhodes), Laurent Coulondre (p, Fender Rhodes), Franck Avitabile (p), Géraud Portal (cb), André Ceccarelli (dms), Aldo Romano (dms, narration)