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Livestream concert - 6th of July from 11.10pm to 12.10am- 12 €

The younger generation of jazz musicians seldom fails to mention Tigran Hamasyan as their major musical influence. And it comes as no surprise: he was only 16 when he released his first album some 15 years ago and soon made a (first) name for himself. “Tigran” conquered Europe and the United States with his inimitable style - an unheard-of, highly inflammable blend where interlocking rhythmic patterns from the metal band Meshuggah meet the great tradition of jazz pianists from Thelonious Monk to Chick Corea and the traditional songs and music from his native Armenia. Add to this a trademark intensity, energy and powerful sound and you get a taste of how magnetic Tigran’s music is. While remaining faithful to the sound that made him famous, Tigran never stopped exploring new sources of inspiration and adding new colours to his sonic palette. For his concert in Jazz à Vienne, he will present his latest album, ‘The Call Within’, for the first time on stage. A radical and flamboyant synthesis of his style and vast discography, the opus also shows the compositional qualities of the pianist, who ventures into the ethereal territories of ambient music through trippy and relaxing pieces. Do not miss this one-off opportunity to see such a pianist master perform at the peak of his artistic maturity.

Line-up : Tigran Hamasyan  (p) Piano, Marc Karapetian (b), Arthur Hnatek (dms)