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Livestream concert - 9th of July form 10.55pm to 11.55pm - 12€

Paul Personne has an impressive track record: after a 43-year career and more than 20 albums, he is hands down the most famous French bluesman. Born in Argenteuil, in the region of Île-de-France, he fell in love with guitar-playing during the Yé-yé years while he was still just a teenager. His choice of stage name – literally “Paul Nobody” – seems particularly appropriate for an artist who is well-known for his modesty and has always preferred to celebrate the legacy of his heroes B.B King, Peter Green, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix, instead of basking in the limelight. This tireless explorer of rock and blues made his long-awaited comeback in 2019 when he released the album Funambule (Ou Tentative De Survie En Milieu Hostile) [The Sleepwalker (Or Attempting to Survive in a Hostile Environment)]. His first appearance at Jazz à Vienne is one of the must-see events of this 2021 edition.

Line-up : Paul Personne (v, g), Florian Robin (k, bck-v), Max Darmon (b, bck-v), Steve Belmonte (dms, bck-v)