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Livestream concert - 9th of July from 8.30pm to 11.05pm- 12 €

20h30 : Lowland Brothers : Is it blues, rock and roll or rhythm and blues? All three, captain! The end of guitarist and singer Nico Duportal’s adventure with the Rhythm Dudes marked the beginning of another, in 2020.
Line-up Nico Duportal (v, g), Laurence le Baccon (back-v), Julie Dumoulin (back-v), Barbara Belmonté (back-v), Damien Cornelis (Orgue Hammond, kbd), Hugo Deviers (g), Max Genouel (b), Fabrice Bessouat (dms)

21h35 : Neal Black and Fred Chapellier, two highly revered guitarists in the US and Europe, are back on the road this summer. They will electrify audiences on the stage of the Roman Theatre. For their first show in Jazz à Vienne, the Blues Project is inviting the legendary Greg Zlap, harmonica virtuoso.
Line-up : Neal Black (g, v), Fred Chapellier (g, v), Greg Zlap (hca, v), (g, v), Mike Lattrell (kbd), Abder Benachour (b), Guillaume Destarac (dms)