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Livestream concert - 27th of June from 8.30pm to 9.45pm - 10 €

Laurent Bardainne, the mastermind behind the Poni Hoax band, which carved out a place for itself in the world of post-rock electro in the 2000s, never really cut himself off from the jazz scene, surfing from the casual, easy-listening vibe of Limousine, the band, to the psychedelic, cosmic free jazz of Supersonic, led by Laurent’s friend Thomas de Pourquery. His new band, called Tigre d’eau douce [Freshwater tiger], with Arnaud Roulin on the Hammond organ, Roger Raspail on percussions, Sylvain Daniel on the bass, Philippe Gleizes on the drums and himself on the saxophone, invents a kind of “free soul” in the spirit of Albert Ayler’s music, while tapping into the saxophonist’s ten years of experience in rock music for the sound and production. It’s a very modern way to build bridges across genres and styles!

Line-up : Laurent Bardainne (s), Arnaud Roulin (org), Sylvain Daniel (b), Roger Raspail (perc), Philippe Gleizes (dms)