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Livestream concert - 28th of June from 8.30pm to 9.45pm- 12€

In the late 1990s, Erik Truffaz released two albums in a row on the legendary label Blue Note. The Dawn (1998) and Bending New Corners (1999) set the tone: Truffaz was a major innovator in music. These albums introduced a hybrid style, midway between the suspenseful atmosphere of a film noir, the frantic rhythms of British jungle music and jazz. They greatly influenced a whole generation of young musicians all around the world, musicians who would step into the breach opened up by Truffaz, alongside other pioneers of electro-jazz. Since then, this trumpet maestro hasn’t ever let his signature, dreamy grooves go stale, drawing inspiration from African rhythms, medieval vocal music, electro and dub. In October 2019, Erik Truffaz released his latest gem, Lune Rouge, which he produced with his new quartet. Such freshness clearly confirms Truffaz is still one of modern jazz’s foremost sound pioneers.