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Livestream concert - 1st of July from 10.05pm to 11.35pm- 12 €

There’s no exception to the rule: take the cover of any Deluxe album and you won’t be able to miss their signature, multicoloured moustaches. Each moustache seemingly stands for one of all the eclectic styles the band effortlessly mixes, as a symbol of their deep hunger for laid-back grooves, shimmering melodies and fruitful artistic collaborations. Throughout several EPs and four albums – including one album live at the prestigious French venue L’Olympia – this band of childhood friends has always given pride of place to their pop and Afro-American music roots, although they’ve never aped their muses. Their audience is faithful and easily identifies with them.
For their night at Jazz à Vienne, Liliboy, Pépé, Pietre, Kaya, Kilo and Soubri will be given carte blanche. This memorable concert will doubtless be one of celebration, in the spirit of their beginnings along the streets of their very own hometown, Aix-en-Provence, in the early 2000s. There’s a reason the performances of Deluxe are filled with genuine joie de vivre: practice. These six messengers have been performing for many years and have achieved authenticity and rock-solid credibility in the eyes of their melomaniac fans the only true way - the hard way. Lift up those infamous moustaches and you’re sure to catch a smile.

Line-up : Liliboy (v), Pietre (g, p, v), Pépé (cuivres, p, v), Kaya (b), Soubri (perc), Kilo (dms, scratch, beatmaking)