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Livestream concert - 10th of July from 9.20pm to 10.35pm - 10 €

Not long after the pianist and composer Cheik Tidiane Seck released his tribute album – entitled Timbuktu – in 2019, he’ll once again be celebrating Randy Weston’s music in an original production for the festival. For this one-off event, the audience of Jazz à Vienne will have a golden opportunity to hear the Malian keyboardist and organist on the acoustic piano. Tidiane Seck will be accompanied by the oud player Majid Bekkas – who appeared on Timbuktu – in the duo’s very first performance on stage. The night may be a dream come true for Cheik Tidiane Seck. He always wishes he could have worked with the great American pianist Randy Weston, who sadly passed away in September 2018.

Line-up : Cheick Amadou Tidiane Seck (p, k), Yizih Yode (s), Majid Bekkas (guembri), Momo Hafsi (b), Adama Bilorou Dembele (perc), Marque Gilmore (dms)