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Jazz à Vienne also hosts film screenings at Les Amphis Cinema.


Release date: 2019
Director: Lili Fini Zanuck
Starring: Eric Clapton
Genre: Documentary
Country: Great Britain
Runtime: 2 hr 14

Millions of people see Eric Clapton as a living blues and rock legend. A true icon who has ridden through the decades and experienced highs and lows. Despite his reserve, this is the first time he reveals his entire life and his most personal dramas. The documentary brings together personal archives, rare performances and never-before-seen testimonials (B.B. King, George Harrison, Pattie Boyd, Bob Dylan, Steve Winwood) to tell the iconic tale of the man known as "GOD"...

June 20th at 7.30pm 
Les Amphis Cinema - 8, rue Rochebrun - 38200 Vienne
+33 (0)4 74 53 23 65


Release date: 1961
Director: Shirley Clarke
Script: Jack Gekber
Music: Freddie Redd
Starring: Warren Finnerty, Jerome Raphael, Garry Goodrow…
Genre: Drama
Country: America
Runtime: 1 hr 50
Film presented and followed by a debate with Jean-Paul Boutellier, founder of the Jazz à Vienne festival.

Eight friends await their dealer in a loft in Greenwich Village. They agree to be filmed by documentary maker Jim Dunn and his cameraman J.J Burden to earn a bit of cash. Whilst they impatiently wait for their heroin, four of them play jazz whilst Dunn asks them to share some personal anecdotes. When "Cowboy" the dealer, a black man dressed in white, finally arrives, everyone is shocked to see him joined by Sister Salvation, an elderly member of the Salvation Army.

June 25th at 7.30pm 
Les Amphis Cinema - 8, rue Rochebrun - 38200 Vienne
+33 (0)4 74 53 23 65