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The festival brings amateur musicians the Jazz à Vienne Academy so they can experience jazz music. The Academy is a place for musicians of all abilities to get together and explore their passion. It’s also a chance for trainees to perform on stage at the festival.

Jazz à Vienne’s educational centre is back this year for its 25th outing with new musical experiences. The Academy brings amateur and professional musicians to explore their passion. Dive into the worlds of gospel, dance and yoga all with a dash of jazz. Participants will perform a concert on the Cybèle stage. A workshop to introduce little ones to music is a great way for children to take their first steps in the musical world.


The three musicians have a passion for New Orleans brass bands and will instil the brass band spirit of solidarity, togetherness, creativity and freedom in you. The workshop will involve learning pieces from the repertoire and arrangement techniques specific to New Orleans brass bands. Singing and instrumental improvisation will also play a key role in sculpting the pieces.

Eligibility: workshop suitable for wind instrument players and percussionists/drummers (min. 10 years, from 3 for instrument practice). This workshop is not available to guitarists or keyboard players.

Dates: July 6th-9th

Rate: 90€

Participants : François Rigaldiès (s), Christophe Durand (ssph), Christophe Garaboux (perc).

- Sold out for saxophonist and clarinet -



This workshop is an introduction to jazz. Alice Waring and Robin Limoge play vocal and instrumental games with children to explore percussion and improvisation. Children will have the chance to hear and explore a range of musical instruments.

Eligibility: 4-5, 6-7 and 8-9 year olds

Dates: July 8th-10th

Rate: 50€

Participants : Robin Limoge (voc, cl, b, p) and Alice Waring (voc, s, cl).



Accompanied by the pianist Pascal Horecka, Sabine Kouli will focus her workshop on vocal technique, body warm-up, percussion, singing and harmonising choral sound in a gospel repertoire. Sabine Kouli is a Togolese singer with a passion for gospel and Negro-spiritual music.

Eligibility: compulsory regular singing practice

Dates: July 9th-12th

Rate: 95€

Participants: Sabine Kouli (voc) & Pascal Horecka (p)

- Sold out -


JazzUp is for young musicians of all horizons who want to perfect their instrumental performance and enhance their experience of playing in groups. The course includes 9 days of intensive classes and full immersion in the festival. It's also a chance to meet young musicians from all over the world and study an all-round course with an international teaching staff (masterclass, live rehearsals, readings, concerts).

Eligibility: end of 1st year of jazz studies and 2nd year. Good knowledge of harmonies, reading and chord charts are essential.

Dates: July 3rd-11th

Language: English

Rate: 180 € (external), 485 € (internal)

Participants : Alex Terrier (s), Jérôme Beaulieu (p), Hans Shuman (dms), Ashley Kahn (journaliste et producteur). En collaboration avec le Trente, Biguine Jazz Festival, Jazz Reach et Cully Jazz Festival. Et avec le soutien de Buffet Crampon et imusic-school.



Lindy Hop is the dance that puts a smile on your face! Jump into the 30s, explore the basics and learn fun-filled moves in a joyful vintage setting. Learn the Lindy Hop and Charleston to the sound of swing and by the end of the workshop you'll know the basics to bop the night away.

Dates: July 5th-8th

Eligibility: dancers of all abilities aged 15 and over

Rate: 90€

Participants : Aurélien Faravelon - Laure Molegnana with musicians from the Djoukil group



Dancer and choreographer Raza Hammadi is coming to share his love of jazz dance in Vienne. Raza Hammadi has had an international career since training in the great Matt Mattox school. He has been the Ballet Jazz Art's artistic director since 1981 and his creations and collaborations have appeared all over Europe and the East.

Eligibility: intermediate or advanced dancers aged 15 and over with previous experience of jazz dance / Dates: July 7th-11th

Rate: 90€

Participants: Raza Hammadi and Clément Manes accompanied by the Quebec group Razalaz.



Blending jazz and yoga means getting to the crux of each discipline: jazz is a form of yoga that involves the art of

breathing and posture whilst yoga is a music of silence where the body is the instrument (please see Lise

Rodriguez, Musique et Yoga-La Quête du juste – Broché 2016). Breathing exercises, positions and relaxation

feature in this original yoga class. A workshop to learn and revisit hatha yoga

(ancient yoga) with sessions suitable for everyone.

Eligibility: the workshop is suitable for people of all abilities (aged 15 and over)

Dates: July 10th and 11th

Rate: 50€

Participants : Elsa Klajnberg accompanied by the pianist Camille Thouvenost