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An outdoor stage with something for everyone: fans, enthusiasts, novices, families and friends. The Cybèle stages are at the heart of the festival. Every day from 12.30pm, check out the latest tunes from the new generation of jazz, the local and national scene, musicians from the Académie, music schools and conservatories, international university big bands and finalists in the RéZZo Focal Jazz à Vienne.

3 events !

  • Jazz à Vienne Midday
    Tuck into music from regional big bands,​ Académie workshops and groups from conservatories and music schools during your lunch break.
    // Every day at 12.30pm
    // Free access

  • Jazz Afternoon
    The Cybèle stage brings you the latest in all forms of jazz, the RéZZo Focal Jazz à Vienne finalists, from US big bands and duos to funk, blues, soul and hip hop.
    // Every day at 4pm
    // Free access

  • The Kiosque
    The Kiosque appears in the warm and friendly midst of the Cybèle grounds. This outdoor jazz club sets the stage for regional groups and original projects.
    // Every night at 8.30pm
    // Free access