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Jazz à Vienne has kicked off the festival with a show for local children for the last 11 years. 6000 primary school children are flocking to the Roman Theatre for an exciting musical experience which, this year, is brought to us by Raphaël Imbert.




Show created by Jazz in Vienne

Jazz à Vienne has kicked the festival off with a show for children from the Vienne area for the last 15 years. Every year sees 6000 primary school students take to the Roman Theatre's stands for an action-packed musical experience. The idea is to introduce young audiences to jazz music as well as give artists the chance to stage an interactive fun-filled show. The aim is to share expertise and a musical experience whilst showcasing a cultural legacy in a warm atmosphere.

This original and ambitious project designed for children is intended to teach, share, convey, understand, feel and create awareness. Raphaël Imbert weaves a gospel web between inspired vocal jazz and blistering soul all drenched in rock energy for this new, more militant and personal chapter of his adventures.  Alongside his glorious band and using lyrics from Paul Robeson, Joni Mitchell and Pete Seeger and others, the breath of Imbert's saxophone creates an urgent, deep-reaching and heartfelt brand of music. Music is My Hope won the "Unclassifiable Album" award at the 2018 Victoires du Jazz.

Co-production: City of Vienna, with the support of the Club Jazz Entreprises and the Inspection Académique.