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For the 15th contest of its kind, Jazz à Vienne is delving deeper into France’s up-and-coming jazz scene to support and showcase the new generation. 

Jazz à Vienne launched RéZZo FOCAL Jazz à Vienne as part of its drive to put the spotlight on new jazz talents. The national contest is a real opportunity for shortlisted groups to perform in professional stage conditions in front of a large and keen audience. RéZZo FOCAL Jazz à Vienne enables the winner to record an album with a renowned label and get marketing, artistic and promotional support for a year. French jazz figures and our partners (clubs, festivals, associations etc.) take part in bringing the area’s new jazz scene to the fore. FOCAL, premium speaker manufacturer, gives the winning group recording time in the studio. Max Pinto 4tet, Jérémy Ternoy trio, Paradox, Oxyd, Céline Bonacina trio, Sidony Box, Trio Enchant(i)er, Impérial Quartet, Water Babies, Uptake, nOx.3 Amaury Faye trio, Gauthier Toux Trio and Obradovic Tixier duop have won since 2004. 


Jazz à Vienne and its partners provide support to help the group go pro. Prizes for the winning group include:

  • A year’s worth of artistic support (starting when they win)
  • Recording an album (recording, mixing and mastering)
  • Signing an album to a famous label
  • An album launch concert at a Paris club
  • Performances at several venues and festivals* (festival Mantes Lalala, Nancy Jazz Pulsations, Le festival Tropisme, A Vaulx Jazz, Chorus Jazz Club, Cosmo Jazz Festival...) and the Roman Theatre at the 2018 Jazz à Vienne
  • Awarding the group “2018 RéZZo FOCAL Jazz à Vienne Winner”.

finalists 2019

  • Mental Climbers – Île de France / Jazz Magazine
  • ARK Trio – Bourgogne – Franche Comté / Crescent jazz Club
  • Raoul jazz Clan – Centre-Val-de-Loire / Ô Jazz
  • Robin Mansanti / Dexter Goldberg - Île de France / Sunset-Sunside
  • Lynx Trio – Normandie / Jazz sous les Pommiers
  • Iray – Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes / Jazz(s)RA
  • Pol Trio – Pays de la Loire / Rendez-vous de l’Erdre
  • Yannic Seddiki Trio – Hauts de France / Jazz en Nord
  • Léon Phal 5tet – Grand Est / Nancy Jazz Pulsation


© Photo : Arthur Viguier