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Come and enjoy the outdoors areas of the new House of the festival!

Yoga Jazz 

1st and 2nd of July, from 8am to 9.30am, session in music animated by Elsa Klajnberg and Elie Dufour, pianist.

// 15 € with reservation


Jazz for Kids

Children are invited with their families to come and discover a place where they can share, discover and play together… A quiet place where children and adults alike can come every day and participate in different activities to discover art, reading and games.

23rd, 26th, 27th, 30th of June and 3rd, 4th of July from 10am.

// Free entrance with reservation

Infos & reservation

Musical naps

7th & 8th of July at 1.30pm with Harry Cover.

For the first time, a Dj Set does not propose you to move, stir and dance like a madman, but the opposite! The ZZZzzz Soundsystem wants you to sleep! 
Posed, seated, lying down, an individual cushion, a night mask on the eyes, let's go for a musical and sensory experience. 

// Free entrance with reservation 


Conférences Pop’sciences

For the 3rd edition, the festival Pop’Sciences will settle in the Museum and archaeological site of Saint-Romain en Gal and on the historical site of Vienne – three days of workshops, exhibitions, urban strolls, games and conferences to discover, share and interact on sciences.
Young audiences, families and science enthusiasts alike are welcome to the festival, where they will enjoy around one hundred free activities, available for everyone.
All year long, Pop’Sciences relies on a 200-strong community of key players engaging in a dialogue between sciences and society, in association with the University of Lyon. It produces media articles, and promotes and organises scientific culture events touching upon a large panel of subjects: artificial intelligence, health, migrations, energy, tourism…

  • July 9th at 10 a.m.: The acoustics of the Roman Theatre of Vienne
  • July 9th at noon: Music, emotions and memory. From pleasure to memories​
  • July 10th at 10 a.m.: Mechanics, acoustics and instrument making of the piano: towards the development of soundboards in composite materials.
  • July 10th at noon: From jazz to hip-hop, the soundtrack of our revolutions

// Free entrance 

// 11 rue du cirque, 38200 Vienne

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