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For over 20 years now, authors from France and all over the world have entered into the spirit of the festival for a few days of readings.


« Au velours des mots » [The velvet of words]
Poetry, literature, jazz, meetings, concerts, readings

For its 29th annual edition, the association Lettres sur cour wants to celebrate more than ever by giving pride of place to words and those who write them, translate them, publish and read them…
Three days of literary and musical meetings celebrating Russian poetry and its translations, today’s poetry and the 200th anniversary of the birth of French writer Flaubert.

25th of June

Aux confins des âmes slaves

// 9.30am / 10.30am / 2.15pm & 3.15pm :  Readings of Tales under the Tree by Françoise Morvan.

// 5pm : Reading-meeting with André Markowicz and Françoise Morvan

// 19h à 20h00 : Concert "Journey into Russian musical cultures and impressions" revisiting klezmer and Yiddish music

26th of June

Cheyne Editions celebrates its 40th anniversary

// At noon : Reading-meeting with Albane Gellé

// 3pm : Reading-meeting with Jean d'Amérique

// 5pm : Loïc Demey

// 7pm : Musical reading " Je, d'un accident ou d'amour ", by Loïc Demey

27th of June

Flaubert en héritages

// At noon : Meeting with Marie-Hélène Lafon

// 3pm : Reading by Marie-Hélène Lafon of extracts from her work and texts by Gustave Flaubert.

// 5pm : Reading-meeting with Régis Jauffret

// 7 to 8pm : Concert « NOVO Quartet »


// Cour du roi Boson, Vienne 
// Free entrance with reservation :