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The Saint-Romain-en-Gal / Vienne Gallo-Roman Museum sets the scene for 4 Jazz à Vienne concerts in a unique setting, a 5 minute walk from the centre. From solos and world music to brunch, come and experience the festival in another of its historical sites.


The Jura band formed a combo to work at the Conservatoire de Vienne with Philippe Khoury and Nicolas Delaunay. They put a hard bop spin on arrangements by Oliver Nelson, Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers and Horace Silver. Daniel Zimmermann is their special guest at their concert in Vienne. The trombone is like no other instrument when it comes to blending its brass sounds with any style and culture. Daniel Zimmermann has used this asset to create his own original style with a combination of jazz, rock, funk, folk and blues.

Line-up : Jean-Luc Fusier (as), Pierre Garcia (ts), Joël Jacquet (tp), Bruno Pechoux (bs), Nicolas Delaunay (dms), Philippe Khoury (kbs, direction musicale), guest : Daniel Zimmermann (tb) Artiste Génération Spedidam

Thursday July 4th - 6pm


The "qanun queen", Maya Youssef from Syria, is trained in Arabic, Turkish, Armenian and Azeri musical traditions. She performed alongside Damon Albarn at the BBC Proms in her adoptive city London. Her first album Syrian Dreams is an ode to hope, life and peace.

Line-up : Maya Youssef (qanun)

Friday July 5th - 6pm


Saxophone, cello, Cuban tres (small guitar), Indian bansurî (traditional Indian flute), e-bow (electronic bow for guitar) and sticks… The list of instruments screams "melting pot". Her background is in classical music, his is in jazz. Clémence Baillot d’Estivaux and Sol Léna-Schroll write and improvise as she explores the Andes and Caribbean and he ventures through India and the Middle East. They are fuelled by the idea of achieving a trance form through repetition. Rather than looking at the differences in their influences, they prefer to bring out the little common features that bind all these cultures.

Line-up : Sol Léna—Schroll (s), Clémence Baillot d’Estivaux (vlc)

Saturday July 6th - 6pm
In partnership with the Détours de Babel Festival as part of the "Les chantiers" project


Dive into the wealth of Creole culture, Martinique bélé and Antillean cuisine. Philo and the drum's voices whisk you into the atmosphere of a dance, deep into a Saint-Malo rum road and the heat of a carnival in the Antilles- Guiana. Expertly carried by his Djouba-Ka-Tumba drums, blues songs and love of jazz, Philippe Gouyer-Montout's music plays its part in the development of Caribbean afro-beat based on Martinique bélé with pride in its melting-pot roots and welcoming arms.

Line-up : Philo (tambour djouba, lead vocal), François Rémy (ka, perc), Nicolas Briant (toumba), Do Levy (b), Michael Jacques (tb), Xavier Sibre (ts, cl b), Florence Naprix (voc), Maddy Orsinet (voc)

Sunday July 7th - 12pm
Reservation recommended on +33 (0)4 74 53 74 01 or by email
Fallback in the event of rain, several shady spots.
With the support of the Rhône Council.