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Children are invited with their families to come and discover a place where they can share, discover and play together… A quiet place where children and adults alike can come every day and participate in different activities to discover art, reading and games.


June 23rd, starting at 10am

"En musique avec Orphée"

Discover the myth of Orpheus with the Musée Gallo-romain

June 21st, starting at 10 am


The Club Léo Lagrange offers workshops for kids to build their own musical instruments using waste materials

June 30th, starting at 10 am

"Open air libraries"

The libraries of Vienne will display a selection of children and teenagers books and tales. Visitors may also explore new soundscapes in the listening room.

July 3rd, from 10am to noon

"Morning games with the toy library"

The Ludothèque / MJC of Vienne will take to the gardens of the House of the Festival for a morning of outdoor games in music.

// Free admission on reservation

Shows young people

June 27th // SOLD OUT 


July 4th, 10am and 11.30am

"Voyage au dela des mers"