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Jazz à Vienne, the Bulles de Vienne bookshop and JML Arts got together in 2017 to launch this event combining jazz and comic books.

Jazz à Vienne, Bulles de Vienne bookshop and JML Arts joined forces to launch the first of this event pairing jazz and comics in 2017. On the agenda for the 2019 event: an exhibition of plates, lithographs and drawings designed especially for the event, masterclasses, signings, workshops and a comic concert co-produced by the Angoulême International Comics Festival.



Experience a concert where music and comic come together. The Angoulême International Comics Festival and Jazz à Vienne join forces to host a creative comic concert blending music and illustration. A live encounter between two illustrators and one musician to create a hybrid piece... After last year's runaway success with the singer Rokia Traoré and illustrator Rubén Pellejero, the Angoulême International Comics Festival and Jazz à Vienne have got back together for the latest comic concert. The French composer Christophe Chassol and illustrators Céline Devaux and Brecht Evens take us on this year's multi-sensory experience. The three artists throw us headlong into a one-of-a-kind spectacle where music and comics come together...

Sunday July 7th - 7pm - Vienne Theatre

Duration: 75 minutes
// Standard rate : 25 €
// Jazz à Vienne 2019 pass holders​ rate : 23€
Crédit photo : © L. Striffling, T. Vanhaute, DR


Following Brüno's poster for the 38th festival, the task of designing the 2019 event's visual was awarded to illustrator and cartoonist Jacques de Loustal. Original pieces produced exclusively for the event will be on show throughout the festival alongside the different stages of making the Jazz à Vienne 2019 poster.

From July 1st to July 12th ​
Salle des fêtes, place Miremont
// Free entrance


Brecht Evens was 22 when he left Saint-Luc School in Ghent (Belgium) with, Les Noceurs, his final project under his arm.  People went wild for his inimitable style that stands out for a remarkable understanding of colour and transparency, sharp perspectives and an eye for detail. Les Noceurs was published in 2010 and won the "Bold" award at the Angoulême International Comics Festival. The publication of Amateurs (2011) and Panthère (2014) made Brecht Evens even more famous both in France, where he now lives, and abroad and he has ventured far beyond the world of comics. 2018 saw the publication of Les Rigoles through Actes Sud BD, an impressive 300-page graphic novel telling the story of three night owls in a wild and wonderful city. Brecht Evans won the special jury "Wildcat" award for it at the 2019 Angoulême International Comics Festival. Brecht Evans works for the press, fashion and is represented by the Martel Gallery in Paris between publications. His graphic novels are published by Actes Sud BD.

JML Arts presents these two exhibitions in partnership with Jazz à Vienne and Bulles de Vienne. Exhibition curator: Jean-Marc Lonjon.

From July 1st to July 12th ​
Salle des fêtes, place Miremont
// Free entrance


Meetings and signings are scheduled for 2pm-5.30pm on Friday July 5th and Saturday July 6th at the Vienne Salle de Fêtes. The signing afternoons also include workshops and masterclasses to run alongside your exhibitions tours or meetings with the many illustrators.

Friday 5th and Saturday 6th July from 6pm to 5.30pm​
Salle des fêtes, place Miremont
// Free entrance