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Jazz à Vienne hits the road with Caravan’Jazz for eight stops in towns and villages in the Vienne Condrieu area and Mornant. It's a great way to get professionals and fans together, share the festival spirit and introduce new talents.


Les Swingirls are straight from Liberation-era France and are rocking post-war jazz! Their frantic show switches between original tracks in French and quirky songs. Their energy, finesse, frenzy, sincerity, humour and musical gold are a breath of fresh air. A lyrical oddity between swing, clown, song, chamber music and messy pop rock... All in pure swing vocal style: close harmony.



June 27th - Mornant
École de musique de Mornant - Place de la Liberté à Mornant

June 28th - Les Côtes-d’Arey
CIEM - Place du Village aux  Côtes d'Arey

June 29th - Septème
Ecole de musique de Chasse-sur-Rhône + Vienne Voices (MJC Vienne) - Centre village à Septème

July 2nd - Chasse-sur-Rhône
Déambulation + La Grosse Fanf ! (Ecole de musique de Chasse-sur-Rhône) Ensemble vocal de l’Ecole musique de Chasse-sur-Rhône + Fabrik à sons - Ecole de musique Le Château à Chasse sur Rhône

July 3rd - Estrablin
AME + RockMachines (MJC Estrablin) - Place du Village à Estrablin

July 4th - Chuzelles
Ecole de musique de Chuzelles/Seyssuel + 5 à 7 Band + Fanfare des Pavés - Le Mille Club à Chuzelles

July 5th - Eyzin-Pinet
BBB + Wax - Place du village Eyzin-Pinet

July 6th - Condrieu
Musiques du monde, blues, groupe hip hop jazzy (CS Vallée de Gère) - Place du Marché aux Fruits à Condrieu