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The festival aims to bring together a wide ranging audience and to help them explore jazz music and the festival. Alongside the free concerts on offer during the festival (over 200 concerts), a large number of projects are organised, reflecting the diversity of this musical style and to help make jazz accessible to all.

Education unit

The festival has set up an education unit to organise activities in favour of young audiences. Through the various projects, the education unit aims to promote children’s interest and awareness in jazz, to arouse their curiosity and develop artistic education and training.

Music for children

At the Jazz à Vienne Festival, we are well aware of the importance of introducing music to children as early as possible, including to toddlers. Through the Eveil Musical workshop on offer at the festival Academy, as well as work in day-care centres all through the year, the activities are adapted to young audiences and focused on exploring sounds.

Young Creation

Find out more about the Young Creation Project

Jazz for Kids

More on the Jazz for Kids project

Jazz Academy in Vienne

More about the Academy

Partnerships with schools

Alongside artistic education, the Jazz à Vienne festival has always been active in training. So, as well as the students who are welcomed each year and trained by the festival team, Jazz à Vienne regularly works with schools on specific projects.

Special rates

The festival has new prices adapted to the youngest festival-goers:

  • Prices for ages 4/14: €4
  • Admission for ages 15/25: €30 for anyone aged under 26 (not only students).

Cultural action

The Jazz à Vienne festival seeks to make contact with isolated members of the public. We are well aware of the issues and seek to develop ambitious projects aimed at excluded audiences. This includes individuals who cannot come to the festival (patients in hospitals, prisoners, people in nursing homes, etc.), as well as those living in districts or regions where the cultural provision is less abundant.

Excluded audiences


For five years now, Jazz à Vienne has been regularly organising concerts in prisons, particularly as part of Jazz Day. This year the festival is going one step further by setting up a practical music workshop at the Saint Quentin Fallavier prison. These sessions are a chance for prisoners to make encounters, exchanges and to take their minds off things.


For the past five years, the Jazz à Vienne festival has been regularly working with hospitals and nursing homes, particularly by scheduling concerts as part of Jazz Day.

Regional projects

Vienne districts

In partnership with organisations in the various districts of Vienne (Malissol, l’Isle, Vallée de Gère and Estressin), Jazz à Vienne has developed projects helping local people get involved with the festival. This is the case for the Biennale Dance Parade scheduled for 1 July.


More about the Caravan’Jazz project

Jazz Day

On 30 April, Jazz à Vienne will be celebrating UNESCO’s International Jazz Day. The day aims to raise international awareness about the virtues of jazz as an educational tool, and as a force of peace, unity, dialogue and stronger cooperation among peoples.

At Jazz à Vienne we coordinate the day in the world of jazz locally and help celebrate this form of music.

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Chargée de projets et de l'action culturelle 
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