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July 15, 2020

The French platform for videos on demand France TV followed the festival during the summer 2020 and broadcasts two exceptional concerts designed for this very special edition of Jazz à Vienne on France TV Culture.

This summer, two concerts were given behind closed doors in the Roman Theatre of Vienne, where the heart and soul of live show was alive and kicking.

- Discover the moving, improvised performance of the duo Ballaké Sissoko et Vincent Segal in the Roman Theatre, emptied of its public yet adorned with countless tiny lights. A moment of bliss, suspended in time! The two artists were truly happy to perform together for the first time since their last show in Côte d’Ivoire before lockdown. A pure musical gem!

- Eric Legnini’s trio was over the moon to play live music again and invited the artists Hugh Coltman and Thomas Dutronc in the Roman Theatre. Thomas Dutronc performed a few songs from his new album Frenchy for the special occasion. The concert is an ode to sharing music, with unique footage of the famous sunset of the Roman Theatre of Vienne.

Click here to discover the two unique concerts on Culturebox