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Support the festival’s artistic creation.

Become fully involved in supporting Jazz in Vienne, either as a festival patron or a project patron, and receive a 60% tax reduction.

By becoming a patron, you will enjoy a high profile and an associated image, with many advantages for your company.

Depending on your needs, we work together to find the most suitable patronage offer for your company, including concert seats, hospitality organisation and visibility on communication materials.

Patronage and tax benefits:

Through patronage, the donor receives a tax deduction (on corporation tax) of 60% of the payment up to a limit of 0.5 % of turnover (Article 238a of the French General Tax Code). By being a patron, you receive 25% of the donation amount in considerations. For example, a €10,000 investment actually costs the company €1,500, after a tax reduction of €6,000 and €2,500 in considerations (seats, visibility, etc.).