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This bluesman from Jackson (Mississippi) has been on quite the adventure and lived different lives in music. Born in the city with soul which produced Otis Spann, Little Johnny Jones and Bobby Rush and where Ace and Malaco Records were founded, Zac Harmon soon got to grips with the southern dialect and heritage through his friends and family. He began playing guitar and 12-bar blues as a teenager, performing in Mississippi bars and clubs alongside Z.Z Hill, Dorothy Moore and Sam Myers. 20 year old Zac left for Los Angeles and started out as a studio musician. Just like Roy Gaines, the talented guitarist then became a producer and songwriter for soul artists (The O’Jays, The Whispers, Alexander O’Neal etc.). 2002 saw him fulfil a dream by recording his very own debut album, Live at Babe and Ricky’s Inn. He began to focus solely on a solo career and, in the meantime, won the benchmark IBC blues challenge in 2004. He then won Best New Artist Debut from the Blues Foundation for his album The Blues According to Zacariah. He travelled Europe in 2007 with the Chicago Blues tour then recorded the album Shot in the Kill Zone. Three records later and he finally signed to the label.

Line-up : Zac Harmon (g, v), Corey Lacy (k), Christopher, Gipson (b), Ralph Forrest (dms), Robert Sullivan (g)

Crédit photo : © DR