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Artiste génération Spedidam

Since the early 2010s and his remarkable ascent to the forefront of the European jazz scene, this formidable accordionist – who’s as devastatingly charming as his music is cheeky – has had many lives: he’s played in Daniel Humair’s orchestra, accompanied the singer Youn Sun Nah and performed with his partner Emile Parisien, as a duo and in a memorable tribute to Joe Zawinul’s music. Jazz à Vienne gave Peirani carte blanche and free rein to express his rich, subtle musical world without a second thought. For this special night, the musician will be offering a cocktail of astounding, mouth-watering ingredients: he’s invited an orchestra of woodwind instruments – clarinets, oboes, horns, tubas, you name it! – to play alongside his band Living Being. Get set for an authentic trip into Vincent Peirani’s lyrical, melodic universe, constantly switching from short, intimate themes to baroque arrangements showing just how diverse his music can be. Follow the sound of his “shiver box”, and watch Peraini become one with his instrument, as do the greatest musicians in the history of music.

Rates :
/ Regular price : 37 €
/ Train TER + concert : coming soon
/ Reduced price : 34 €
/ 15-25 years old price : 30 €
/ 4-14 years old price : 4 €
/ 7 Night pass : 180€-190 €
/ Full pass : 350 €


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Photo credits : ©  J.Pretel