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Three young men at home in their times naturally venture along the paths laid down by Badbadnotgood, Robert Glasper and Yussef Kamaal in their own special way. Edgy drummers are all the rage, especially when they are backing soaring chords and the pianist’s slowhand notes. This is what earned Yussef Kamaal and Badbadnotgood their stock of admiration. The Englishmen from the Vels Trio have skilfully taken up this blend of groove and hip-hop beats, while doing some interesting work on sound with Danalogue The Creator, the producer of their EP Yellow Ochre, where the adored neo-guru Shabaka Hutchings is a guest on 40 Points. The trio have already played as opening acts for some top-quality colleagues, including Cory Henry and Moses Boyd.

Line-up : Cameron Dawson (b), Dougal Taylor (dms), Jack Stephenson-Oliver (k)

Photo : © dr