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Visual : © B. Flao

This creation is inspired and based on African American gospel music, black convict songs and Deep South prison songs (Negro prison songs and blues) as well as local, regional and national protest songs. Rocé has been involved with the project in the Les Damnés de la terre compilation. There's a whole blues and gospel tradition here nourished by various influences (African, traditional, folk etc.). Alongside Camille, Sandra Nkaké and Raphaël Imbert, this sees Raphaël Lemonnier blend styles without having to paraphrase, change forms and tone whilst sourcing new variations and exploring the possibilities of teaming vocals, piano, body percussion, cello and more true to the spirit of black convict songs. The challenge of this new venture is to stay true to the spirit of the music whilst providing a new and contemporary take on it. The collaborative project has produced Negro spirituals (Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child, Swing Low etc.), blues (St James Infirmary), excerpts from Porgy and Bess, work songs , prison songs and original pieces.

Line-up : Raphaël Lemonnier (p, arr), Camille (v), Sandra Nkaké (v), Pierre-François Dufour (dms, vlc), Christophe Minck (b, cb), Raphaël Imbert (s), Clément Ducol (arr, chef d’orchestre)

Avec le soutien de la Fondation BNP Paribas
En collaboration avec Le Point de Fuite

Tarif normal : 37 €
Train TER + concert : 39,40 €
Tarif réduit : 34 €
Tarif 15-25 ans : 30 €
Tarif 4-14 ans : 4 €

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