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As a bus driver in Chicago, Toronzo was happy acting as a wing man for the Brooks Brothers and other bluesmen in the city for a long time. The guitarist founded his own band in 2002 and was spotted by Delmark the year after following his first self-produced album. Bob Koester’s label brought out two critically-acclaimed albums, Leaving Mood and John the Conqueror Root which was nominated at the Blues Awards and finally put the 45 year old into the spotlight. Signing to Alligator in 2016 and releasing The Chicago Way gave him massive exposure. He is now one of the most popular bluesmen on the scene. His music oozes the sound of Chicago but his modern arrangements and soulful vocals give this young 50-something real energy that he loves to share on local, and now international, stages!

Line-up :Toronzo Cannon (g, v), Melvin Carlisle (dms), David Forte (b), Anderson Edwards Jr (k)

Photo : © Chris Monaghan