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Singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, refined and stylish producer, in 2018 Tom Misch brought us Water Baby, a single heralding the arrival of the 22 year old Brit's very first album, Geography. The young South London prodigy has had millions of listens and views on social networks with a variety of the ever-soft and melodious soul hip pop tracks and EPs that he has produced over the last three years. Being a musician from generation 2.0 (and Y too) means he works alone but this lad likes to collaborate with his friends from the Southbank scene (Croydon/Merton/Forest Hill etc.): Carmody, Cosmo Pyke and the rapper Loyle Carner in particular. The rapper laid down his disillusioned groovy flow on the aforementioned Water Baby and the delectable Crazy Dream, 2016's summer hit. The MC's laidback vibe is the perfect foil to the singer's soft soulful vocals and warm melodies. The Southern gang form a kind of open musical community where everyone supports each other's projects. Good times. And Tom Misch is a rising star with support from the BBC in Britain and France Inter across the pond. Even Sir Elton John called him Brexit's answer to Jay Kay (Jamiroquai).

Crédit photo : © DR