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+ special guests Sophie Alour (artiste génération Spedidam), Malo Mazurié & Pierre Baldy-Moulinier  

With Spedidam support

Let's remember that the Spedidam Generation's Thomas Dutronc earned his guitarist stripes in gypsy jazz before venturing into song. With his gypsy vibes, it's like his father's journey is starting all over again (rock guitarist in El Toro and the Cyclones from 1961). Thomas fell in love with Django Reinhardt's music at the age of 18. He met the guitarist Romane in the famous Chope des Puces club in Saint-Ouen and he became his teacher and mentor. He was then seen playing "la pompe", including in Vienne in 2002, surrounded by Romane, Tchavolo and Dorado in Bireli Lagrène's Gypsy Project. Then the young man moved into the spotlight in 2007 with his first album as a swinging singer: Comme Un Manouche Sans Guitare. Instant success! Now he's back in Vienne with his guests Sophie Alour and Malo Mazurié.

Line-up : Thomas Dutronc (g, v), Rocky Gresset (g), Jérôme Ciosi (g), Maxime Zampieri (dms), David Chiron (cb), Pierre Blanchard (v), Sophie Alour (s), Malo Mazurié (tp), Pierre Baldy-Moulinier (tb)

Crédit photo : © Y. Orhan