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The latest revelation from New Orleans never fails to cheer our souls. Since 2011 blending the spoken word, hip hop, r’n’b and jazz to achieve a soulful pop (“Oh Heart”), often mischievous (“Drummers”) and finally quite indefinable, this colourful mini orchestra brought the last Trans Musicales in Rennes to life. The group is led by the singer Tarriona "Tank" Ball with her fresh, powerful and supple voice, sometimes evoking a cross between the young Ella Fitzgerald (for the timbre) and Missy Elliott (for the attitude). A first album, “Thinktank”, was released in 2013. Gifted with disarming energy and freshness, fans of freestyle poetic improvisation, along with the apt contributions of The Bangas, a quintet of experts without a brass section, the Louisianans really create havoc. As Tank says: “Jazz from N.O. never inspired me much. But if you’re talking about the New Orleans “bounce”, then I’m all ears! That’s what we heard at home. People like Missy Elliott or Aaliyah.” Their EP “Live Jam in The Van” was released in 2016.

Line-up : Tarriona Ball (voc), Norman Spence (synth, k), Merell Burkett (k), Joshua Johnson (dms), Jonathan Johnson (b) Albert Allenback (horn, fl), Anjelika Joseph (bkv)

Photo : © Gus Bennett

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