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At the crossroads of Delta blues, gospel, rhythm‘n’blues and soul, the impressive Sugaray Rayford sings with a soulful, vehement and sensual voice expressing his native Texas and recalling the XXL vocals of Solomon Burke. A giant with a powerful, cyclonic voice, but also the rough-hewed sensibility of a southern preacher. Caron “Sugaray” Rayford grew up at the Baptist church of his district, of course, to the east of Pecos, where he learned to play the drums and to sing at the age of 7. He released his first album (“Blind Alley”) in 2010 with two songs written by Al Kooper (Dylan, Blood, Sweat and Tears). On tour in France in 2014, Sugaray introduced us to an incredible guitarist: Gino Matteo. After just three albums, Sugaray was nominated in four categories in the famous Blues Music Awards 2016 and has made his name as one of the great contemporary “shouters”. “The World That We Live In”, his fourth album, produced Stax-style in Rome by Luc Sapio (who was behind the comeback of Martha High), has just been released.

Photo : © Suzan Jones

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